Millennial shoppers need a way to buy clothing and accessories online with confidence, because they want to make the smartest purchases within their budgets.



Over the course of General Assembly's 10-week User Experience Design Immersive, I was tasked to learn how to conduct unbiased research which would eviscerate parts of, and validate other aspects of the problem I identified. Determined to hone my design sensibilities, alongside my brilliant cohort, I adopted Sketch and Invision to create (low to high fidelity) prototypes, and performed multiple cycles of usability tests followed by iterations to refine the solution.



Target Audience: 

People (25 - 40) who like to shop and care about how they look. They have an idea of their favorite brands and like to stay informed of trends.

Research Goals:

What motivates friends to exchange opinions when purchasing clothing/accessories and how do they do it? How do friends interact with one another before making purchases? 


After conducting four user interviews, I discovered that some preferred to gather product suggestions from smaller (2-3 person) groups, while others polled everyone in their network. Also, while people looked for different qualities when purchasing a product, they all mentioned cost as a factor.

Main modes of communication included Facebook wall posts, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM/Tagging, e-mail, mobile texting, and Line.

29 Y/O / Marketing Associate / Income: $85,000 / SF, CA


29 Y/O / Marketing Associate / Income: $85,000 / San Francisco, CA

“My friends always know my style better than I do. They send me links to cute clothes all the time. If they were around more often, I’d hassle with returns a lot less, instead of pretending was Warby Parker.”

Busy both professionally and socially. Yelper and trendy food hunter. Shops primarily for occasion and will often buy many options at once. Wants the input and affirmation of her friends when making clothing purchases, but has trouble collecting all of their opinions at once.



I quickly drafted up paper screens and tested users with an Invision prototype. I found that I needed to differentiate Squad from an e-commerce app, as well as expedite the way feedback was returned. Also, because the first screen was tedious for users, I later simplified this and added an app access from the browser which would perform the same function.




Creating and Sending Feedback Requests

Users can add products via photo or link. Once sent, friends can review the item, or vote on a poll of multiple items.


User Home Page

A place for the user to review feedback on items or item polls which have been sent to friends.


Feedback Request Inbox

The user can give back to friends by offering her opinion on their potential purchases.


App Access from Browser

A browser add-on which allows the user to quickly save and store an item to the app, or directly send them to friends.





Note: Screen designs were created in Sketch 3 by me. Various icons by Dmitriy Ivanov and Il Capitano.